From an original image, captured in a photograph or dated, in which the landscape and particularly the sea, plays a key role, as a scene of metamorphosis and impermanence, Agnès Cappadoro brings a series of images and sculptures to life.

Her visual suggestions give birth to installments urging the viewer to start moving to capture them. The perceptible motion in the image thus finds an echo in the induced oscillation of the spectator’s body who, through a scopic vision, is invited to explore the art work in detail, in its volume or design. As the surf, the viewer comes and goes bringing out the idea of a relentless ebb and flow leading into the art work.

The artistic vocabulary developed here relies on handlings of picture and paper, strained, cut, folded, stuck as well as basic geometric shapes in a graphic approach, sometimes minimal and pared down, sometimes theatrical or cinematographic. These combined elements recreate, thanks to a long elaboration of shades, colors and shapes, a cartographic map drawing preliminarily designed.

The process of creation becomes meticulous, solemn and solitary, searching for the right gesture, endlessly repeated and requiring a great precision, a great focus. This specific form of patience, that becomes matter as well as paper does, thus gives birth to hybrid pieces of art, bordering on architecture, film making, settings, where the rebuilt landscapes remain elusive; where the visuals may equally be utopian propositions or “photographies in movement” .